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Day 455

Toxic woman not so toxic at all.....

"Toxic Woman" and I have been texting sporadically all week long, until she finally says "I really would like to see you this weekend. Are you free on Sunday? How about we wonder around in Chinatown?" I'm always a sucker for wandering around a neighborhood, and it's going to be a nice day, so I agree. And it's only two hours, so how bad could it get?

We meet up at a store that specializes in imported oddball Asian goods, like KitKat bars with cherry or wasabi flavors, and we wander around and talk as we go. It turns out she's very warm and funny and engaging, and we have some nice banter. She tells me about her family (which is a very odd family, I find out, but this is NYC, so isn't everybody?) We end up sitting on a couch in a nearby coffee bar/lounge/hotel, and I'm enjoying her because she's just so damned funny. At one point, she looks up the prices of the rooms upstairs and then turns to me, "hey, mac, don't get any ideas...." and I reply, "who me? Ideas?"

We go out to the street and we exchange a brief kiss and depart.

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