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Day 14

The Uncle - Time to sit him down to talk

When Honeybun and I began looking for an apartment, Honeybun's Uncle heard the news and reached out. He was depressed and wanted to move back home after having been away for two decades. He is physically disabled and doesn't make enough money from his lifetime monthly settlement to get a place on his own. Can he be our roommate?

I cautioned Honeybun. Family as roommates never ends well. Uncle is immature and will act pitiful to take advantage. Honeybun agreed, but still invited Uncle to move into our townhome. We did what we could to help him - Lended him furniture (bed, dressers, etc.) and cooked enough food at every dinner for him to eat with us (he is 40 and doesn't know how to cook). He came to us with nothing except his 6-month puppy in tow. He seems happier and has finally begun to gain weight, but things are getting tense after 2 1/2 months. He now eats our food without asking, struggles to pay rent because his money goes to alcohol, comics and boardgames, and never cleans up after his dog. Instead, he locks himself in his room and sulks when we mention his puppy has urinated inside.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    10 months ago

    Get Rid.... nicely or he will cause no amount of problems for you both

  • Otter Otter
    10 months ago

    We absolutely will if it gets to that point. First we'd like to sit him down and express our expectations and issues. He is genuinely a gentle, soft-spoken soul, and I know that he doesn't necessarily mean any harm. He is just so used to being pitied and taken care of that he has started expecting it without thinking. Honeybun's mom had also asked us to let him live with us, which is why we accepted in the first place. When Uncle first moved in, we made it very clear that his stay with us would only be for one year - the length of our lease - just to give him time to find his footing. The agreement was that he would pay 1/3rd of the rent/utilities and could borrow our extra furniture for that time. He is to move out in October.

    We are considering telling him to find a home for his dog if he cannot afford to take care of it. Honeybun's brother had offered to take the dog until he could afford to care for it when Uncle first moved in. We may suggest he take Honeybun's brother up on that offer. He can still walk over to see him whenever he wants, as Honeybun's brother only lives right around the block.

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