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Day 457

In which Can-Can Gal & I make out like teens....

I picked her up from a meeting (she's attends Al-Anon) and chauffeured us to her place; she had some fixings for a salad, I brought sweets and dressing. We worked in the kitchen together, chatted, and at one point she asked me to reach something on a high shelf (I'm 6', she's 5' 2") and I had to lean over her to get it.... I was so nervous as I brushed against her back.

We sat down to eat, and talked more about our lives, our work and our kids.... eventually we ended up on the couch, and she had taken off her sweater to expose her shoulders from a t-shirt (which we hear in the States call a "wife beater.")

I touched her shoulders and she didn't flinch; I knew she liked to be touched, and so I stroked her arm as we talked. At some point we smiled at each other and we started to kiss..... and it was funny, because the kisses were extremely gentled and tentative... and she laughed and said, "I feel nervous..." "So do I," came my reply.

So we kissed and held one another and kissed some more, and went our separate ways. More to come.....

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