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Day 458

The Happy Honeymoon High...

I'm alternate between feeling giddy and moving in and out of the quotidian routine. There's my work, which I enjoy and hope to continue well into the future (I'm 59; I think I have the energy to do another 20 - 25 years....)

And then there's love. Can-Can Gal invited me over for a late dinner, ostensibly so that I could drop off some materials I made for her, as well as some dollar avocados I picked up for. We ended up sitting on the couch, and one thing led to another, and we necked and stroked and held one another. It was the purest expression of passion and intimacy I've felt in a long time.

We joke: "Well, if I continue to date you, then maybe I better....." And why shouldn't we? There's a lot to enjoy, and during this giddy time, I find myself bouncing along at the thought of her, and also restless, because there's this beautiful future open for us, because there's so much to share, from exploring one another's bodies (which we started the other night) to spending time on all the activities we would seem to enjoy with one another.

The future looks good.....

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    6 months ago

    My partner and I had sex twice a day for 100 continuous days after we met. It is EXACTLY what we BOTH needed. And, yes I used the word "Giddy" as well ;)

    Have fun! xo

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