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Day 461

This evening is going to be warm and cozy....

It's early morning here (2:45 am) and I can't seem to sleep. I've got things on my mind, and one of them is my evening with the CanCanGirl, whom I met on New Years Day.

We've been exchanging texts on a daily basis, starting in the morning to the late evening. Even though we're attempting to move into this tentatively, we've got many dates planned: this evening it will be at her place - a light dinner and a French movie that I wanted her to see (it turns out she's a near fluent speaker); I'm bringing her flowers, avocados and some wonderful bagels I found at a new bakery (believe it or not, a "real" bagel is hard to find in NY, and I'm a purist.)

Saturday we're going to an art museum together, afterwards we'll hang out at a local joint that has gas fires, and a reading afterwards.

She's invited me over for Sunday night as well. And we're going to the ballet and a late afternoon to walk the beach at Coney Island, and a trip upstate, and we've got plans... because there's nothing but time for us, time to become best friends and lovers.

There will be time....

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