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Day 463

When it's frigid cold and you're sleeping alone....

So, Ms. CanCan and I had two sleepovers, one at her place (somewhat impromptu) and her at mine (planned) and yes, there wasn't much sleep going on, but there was also. It's really lovely to sleep with someone in your arms, but you all know that, remember it, or may be jealous....

But I've been there many, many times... and each time is like the first time. I never get tired of it: that feeling of someone new, feeling their body against yours, their scent, the muscles, skin and sinews.... it's all there to be touched and it feels holy and resplendent....

So we're a "couple," and refer to "seeing one another," which we discussed as being "exclusive," but not in a possessive way ("you owe it to me") but in a way that's about "the best way to give this a real shot is to keep our attention on one another, and then decide...."

..... because it's real easy to get distracted, when another date is a click away. So I've disabled some of my accounts (Bumble & Twitter, which were completely useless), and don't bother responding to anything on OkCupid anymore.....

.... because if you have to be in it, 100%

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  • Otter Otter
    9 months ago

    Congrats, RavDiablo! That is so great that you two have reached exclusivity! It sounds like you've both been having a great time ;)

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