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Day 215

Dear Chris,

Its strange, but I dreamt about the times I went to meet your parents last night. I remember the first time I came down to your dad's-it was a nightmare. Walking in the rain for an hour, in the dark, then catching a bus and getting lost, eventually making it to yours at... 105 Adur close or something, Durrington, right? How do I remember that? DO I remember that?
Meeting your dad was... Weird. I got a very weird vibe from him, but years later, knowing he's a woman-user who likes to step out often and isn't respectful, that's probably why I felt weird about him. Women's intuition, right?

Thought I never had an intuition with you. I trusted you, literally like a dog trusts it's owner not to harm them. They don't know any better, just like I didn't know any better about you. I blindly trusted you to keep me safe.

Eastbourne. Meeting your mum was cool. She cooks, works, she's strong, she's a woman-and-a-half. But she's kicked down by the guys she picks. I didn't like that. She was so amazing and yet she allowed these idiots ruin her work and plans. I hope she's made better choices by now.

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