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Day 470

She take care of me; maybe spoils me....

TWID ("The Woman I'm Dating") tells me that she has the perfect way to heal my aching bones after the shredding I took on the basketball court last week: she has a concoction of epson salts, baking soda, wintergreen and other ingredients. "I'm going to give you a good soak in my pre-war deep tub...."

So we go out to see a dance performance, and we go back to her place. After a quick dinner, she prepares the bath, sets out candles, a pot of mint tea, and I get in the tub. She leans over me and scrubs my aching bones with a washcloth.

She leaves me along to soak for awhile as she gets ready for bed. She returns a little while later wearing only a black bra and panties. I have a perfect view of her perfect ass as she leans over the sink to brush her teeth.

I stick my hand out of the tub, and rub the inside of her leg, moving up gradually, until I'm rubbing her ass. She continues her bedroom routine, as I rub the inside of her leg.....

She turns around and sits on the edge of the tub... and then it goes on....

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