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Day 617

A birthday party

Dido’s 60th birthday party which she billed as her 50th. I understand this fear of getting older. I am afraid too. So all these 60s year olds dressed up as 20 year olds. Fat E, knocking 70, was wearing fish net stockings and bright red stilettos, Dido was wearing red blocky shoes and a wilting fake flower in her hair like she’d been to Hawaii. Sid wore a loud black shirt with gold squiggles on it. E was simply massive. Beloved had difficulty getting into the new extra large dress shirt I had bought him for Christmas. And I had my floaty outfit from 15 years ago so I probably looked like a piece of sea weed. But the kids all looked good on the brink of adult hood and more than ready to take over. They saved us. O is the most impressive, a copy of his Dad with his bow tie untied around his neck, expansive gestures and relaxed.

It was a happy time. I was especially grateful because Teddy had celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary last summer in a smart hotel and and hadn’t invited a single member of his extended family, only all Elizabeth’s family.

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