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Day 471

Prepping for Valentines Day.... a scent for romance?

TWID ("The Woman I'm Dating")(which is what we're officially calling one another, me being "TGID") have an honest convo about Valentines Day. I'm in favor of doing something special, but not going overboard, and in a non-pressured way. She says pretty much the same, a "brain match."

I like a good homemade Valentines Day surprise: forget the stupid dinners out which are usually overcrowded and tasteless. Because I'm a good cook, I'd like to surprise her with something special, as well as a handmade card (I've got good skills in that way) and maybe a small gift of some kind (perhaps a pair of tickets to see something fun....)

So it was out of left field when TWID suggested that I find a scent that could become "ours." I enjoy nuzzling TWID's neck, because it is so damned sexy and she usually smells good.... like herself. So the thought of picking out a scent that brings us together is a real turn-on for me. I don't know where to start on this hunt, but I do have a fair amount of lead time, and since I'm here in NYC, there is sure to be plenty of resources available.

Off I go!

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