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Day 30

Dad in the ER now. There's always something, isn't there?

I've been feeling like I'm drowning lately. Honeybun's mystery illness and hospital visit, Uncle's alcohol and stealing problem, Honeybun's court date being moved (again. It's been a year and a half now!), my own physical and mental health issues, and now this.

My poor dad sent to an ER, and they think he has meningitis. He cannot turn his head due to extreme neck pain, it hurts to swallow, and he's been fighting splitting head pains. They've pumped him up with pain relievers and sent him home with my mom. They've said if he's in pain tomorrow to bring him back for a spinal tap so they can test for the illness. I almost wish they'd just test him now so they can either begin treating him or begin testing for other illnesses. Why would they make him wait??

Both he and my mom told me not to worry when they were off to the ER. Not to worry yet and not to leave from work until they've heard something. "Maybe I just pulled a muscle, and I don't want you to leave work just for that." I wish I'd have left anyway. I wish I'd been there with him anyway.

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