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Day 220

Dear Chris,

It looks like we might be going to see a dog tomorrow. It's a Staffy-I'm not crazy about the breed because it reminds me of the dog that mauled me, but I can't convince mum that I'm not comfortable around them-his name is Bambi, but he's only 7 months old and his owners are getting divorced. So the dog has to go, I suppose they can't commit to each other or the dog.

Mum doesn't want his name to still be Bambi. We were thinking of names on the way to work in the car. As I'm about to get out the car I say, "What about Spud? He looks like a potato with the brown colouring. Plus, Chip and Spud sounds like a cool combo." Mum's eyes light up, she loved the name. She wanted to go and see 'Spud-to-be' tomorrow. He's in Kent which is quite a long drive, but maybe it'll be worth it. Maybe this dog isn't as scary as he looks.

Besides, mum is right, I need to move on from that dog attack. It was nearly 10 years ago after all. I don't know why it's stuck with me so much.

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