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Day 46

Swinging back today

Things have been better... it’s been a week since we chatted. I said something nice and he was mean so fork him. Opening my eyes to the rest of the world and putting the heartache behind and all that...

And today I’m drowning. I’m battling with the feelings of injustice in the whole thing, the fact that two people who had been through a truckload of shit in their lives find each other and start down the road to happiness together only to be ripped apart. That I finally trusted in love again and let him in only to have him torn from me, forever altered into this stranger capable of cruelty. New friends I made who embraced me in the aftermath have gone silent. I thought my life was forever altered for the better, and its all just gone now.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    7 months ago

    I feel for you, Miranda; I remember when I had to split from Charmante - I lost an entire world of friends and near-family whose company I loved and appreciated. At the same time, I regained my sanity from a relationship that started so beautifully, swept away by romance, until it descended into abuse. Take time to heal, renew old relationships and make some new ones....

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