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Day 473

Drunk Dude on the Subway and the Young Woman...

I'm coming home Friday evening; subway is packed. I'm standing next to a drunk dude who alternates between singing too loudly to himself and reading and folding the free newspaper. He sways back and forth, and at some point the young woman offers him her seat.

"Nah, ha, I don't need it," he tells her, "I'm just a little sad, because my wife died a few weeks ago....."

The woman remarks, "I'm so sorry for your loss...."

He acknowledges her sympathy and goes on, "yep, we was married 23 years, and she died of cancer.... I've been so broken up....."

I reach down into myself and think back what it was like; when I lose my mother at 24, my father at 34, my older sister 13 years ago, and my younger sister 3 years ago. I climb down into the hole, and I'm there with this dude.

"Yeah, it's so hard, you know, after 23 years together, and now she's gone....."

The young woman just keeps repeating, "I'm so sorry...." My legs start to go wobbly as I relive the loss of my family....

"Yeah, it's just so hard, you know?"

I want to hug this man and just whisper into his ear, "I know, I know....."

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