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Day 621


A great time in Edinburgh with Owl and Apple. I had been a little worried - what would we do, how would we get along but we’ve been busy seeing lots of things and getting along easily. I’m disappointed by Edinburgh though, or the bit that Owl lives in, the centre. It's covered in litter and the gusty wind blows the stuff in our faces and eyes. Owl’s flat is strewn with washing that is drying everywhere. His room is tiny and bare. He looks out on to graffiti. Rubbish is piled up in the alcove of the entrance to the flats. Sometimes people piss there. The window over the door is broken. He pays £550 a month for the shit hole. He’s got good friends that make it survivable. Interestingly, last year he had a swanky place to live and was miserable, this year he has a miserable place to live and is relatively happy.

Anyway, it’s been a good time. Last night Owl took us up Carlton Hill after supper. It was ferociously windy and black, but special. Just the three of us there watching over the glorious spires and twinkling lights of Edinburgh.

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