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Day 484

Alone on a Friday night.... with Astral Weeks....

I remember listening to this album while stoned in my dorm room when I was 18 years old - 40 years ago. And I listened to Van Morrison's voice twist and turn around these melodies, these lyrics of "another time, another place," and Richard Davis playing that bass in the most assured way....

WID came over last night, and we ate dinner, she massaged my neck and we made harmonious love, even though my knee is still on the mend. It's amazing what positions we can put ourselves in and how much pleasure we can derive, even with the fear that bending my leg the wrong way will release a torrent of pain.

And she went off to work early this morning, and I stayed at home, visited a client, came home, played Betta (my resonator guitar), watched some TV, got tired and now Van the Man is rejuvenating me, reminding me that art, music, can be an invigorating experience.

The wound will heal, and I'll be out and about eventually, but in the meantime, it's just listening to this astonishing music, with it's poetry and Irish soul that is moving me this evening.

Shabbat shalom, wherever you are!

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