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Day 485

What two single guys talk about when they're together

I haven't seen my buddy YoungGuy in a few weeks... I was busy with NWID (New Woman I'm Dating) and he was overseas. So we met up, he tool a look at me limping around with my crutch, "what's up, old man?"

"Yeah, well this is because I joined that damned basketball league you convinced me to do...."

He chuckles and we settle in for the evening: red sauce Italian dinner, some banana pudding across the street, then live Bach at Lincoln Center. Just another evening in Manhattan.

"Was that all from basketball?" he asks.
"Well, that got it started, and then I had an evening of red hot sex with NWID. Let's of positions that probably stretched out the joint...."
"Working your way through the Kama Sutra, huh?"
"Well, her ex thought there were only 3 positions possible...."

We laugh. YoungGuy slaps me on the back; "You, you give me a lot of hope. You're 25 years older than me, and you're still at it. And you always find these foxy women.... and you just go for it."
"Hey, you stop enjoying sex, you die..."

Later that evening we're going through our phones, comparing photos of our exes. We comment about how crazy they were....

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