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Day 488

She's back, asking for more money...

BrokeGirl is a long time friend; we've known each other over 15 years, and she's been a good friend, although not always the nicest or most supportive. She's a few years older than me, never married, no kids, and broke most of the time. She's met my various girlfriends and while she's been judgy about them, she's been mostly tolerant, especially because she probably hasn't dated in over 20 years (she's very overweight, and her inability to be sweet talked doesn't help the situation.)

BrokeGirl lives somewhat simply, but still above her means: she takes cabs everywhere (even though she qualifies for cheap public transport) and has "premium cable," among other amenities. I try not to judge her, but I have slipped her a lot of money over the past few years, including a huge amount to help fund a lovely book that she had published.

But it burns me, because I know she can make ends meet on her own if she could just cut out the extra cable channels and take public transport. I know I'll hand her more money, but I'm going to have to be firm and start helping her cut some costs. Be direct.... tough luck.

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