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Day 489

Well, that's that (no harm, no foul....)

Spring is just a few days away, and it was on New Years Day when I first met "NewGirl," a hot little woman I met on a dating site. She initially was "not interested," but changed her mind on the advice of her therapist, and we had a nice time together: we went shopping at a supermarket on a Saturday night, we cooked together, had some nice hot sex (which exacerbated a knee injury), generally enjoyed our time together.

So I was a little surprised when she sent me a text this afternoon: "Hey, have time for a quick chat?" I was a bit suspicious, because we were supposed to get together this evening, and we only spoke on the phone when we hadn't seen each other for a few days.

"Look, NiceGuy, I'm really enjoying being with you, but I don't find myself falling in love with you."


I listen for a while, and it's pretty much like the initial text after we first met where she wasn't interested. Yes, I'm a nice guy and yes, we have a lot in common, but she's not really into it.

I would be upset, but maybe I wasn't falling in love with her either.

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