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Day 493

I couldn't take her anymore.....

It's my last night visiting Daughter and Granddaughter. Things were very good yesterday, and today we had a good time with her mother, brother and brother's partner. I made us a nice dinner, and then it started again.

The arguing, the yelling, the crying.... I just couldn't take it anymore. I got up and told Daughter that I couldn't sit by and listen to it anymore. The needless yelling and arguing was making me sad, and I couldn't listen to it anymore.

Of course she got angry, insisted I sit down and tell her when she had yelled (she was yelling this at me), but I had to get out, because it was making me all so nervous and upset.

I walked back to my room, and she texted more angry words at me. I explained that the arguing was affecting both me and Granddaughter and since there was nothing I could do for Granddaughter, I had to do something for myself.

The fact is that Daughter is 35, but acts like she's 7. She has a short fuse, does not take suggestions, and complains about everything. She can't handle the stress and it's stresses me out. I'll talk to her mother tomorrow.....

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