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Day 495

In Which I Poison Myself (Accidentally, For Real...)

It was a beautiful morning, and I decided to go for a long walk in Prospect Park, which is one of the gems of New York City (in fact, the designers Olmstead and Vaux considered it superior to Central Park....)

So I was out and while spring has begun, it's still freezing at night, so not a lot of greenery has been showing up.... except for some greenery, including "field garlic" and what I thought were day lillies, whose shoots are very tasty. So I grabbed some of both, and went home and made myself a "wild omelet," after washing both pretty thoroughly.

Except I got things wrong, because while the field garlic is easy to identity, the day lillies are a little tricky when they're young, as they also resemble violets, which are not edible. They're classified as "poisonous," which they are not exactly....

But they will give you a nice stomach ache and casue you to vomit, which I did: within the hour, I was bent over the toilet, barfing up that omelet....

I managed to recover by the early afternoon, and my stomach settled down enough to receive pasta for lunch.

Okay, got to be a little more careful...

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  • Otter Otter
    10 months ago

    Owch! I'm sorry that happened, Rav, but at least it wasn't more serious! I love harvesting wild plants to nibble on. My mother taught me a few growing up - all easily identifiable little flowers and common herbs. There was a hidden rosemary bush on my college campus that I would always snag a few branches from for cooking or just as a breath freshener between classes. :) I'm really glad that you're okay.

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