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Day 296

New skills and experiences with little one

I changed his nappy by myself for the first time this morning. As I held him in my arms he did a super big wee, covering both of us in it and I wasn't bothered at all. I cleaned crusty poop off of his bum and around his little junk. It's all so surreal yet so normal.
I left hubby in bed and went in early to be with him. He opened his eyes and peered intently out of the incubator as I sat beside him and told him all about my trip to the shops yesterday, and then sang to him as I attached myself to the breast pump. It was nice being in so early because it was so quiet, just me and my beautiful boy.
My sleep pattern is non existent at the moment, so I may as well take advantage of these quiet times I can be with him, just us. I find it extremely relaxing in the ward, it's so warm and noise is kept to a minimum. It has the feel of such a special place. I love being in there with him

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    12 months ago

    In a year, all this will be a memory and you will be home enjoying your baby.... well, the time when you'll actually be awake and conscious....

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  • Befalus Befalus
    12 months ago

    Thanks, Rav 😁 I know, I'm spending all this time awake at the moment when he isn't here. I've got an awful feeling I'm going to crash when he comes home haha. That's okay through, because at least he's in the same building as me, rather than being away. My husband is sleeping enough for the both of us at the moment anyway, which is good because it means he's ready when this crash finally happens lol

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