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Day 648

Ma's dread. And a new friend.

Teddy called Ma. As he told her of all the things he planned for her her face took on a look of dread and gloom, but she kept her voice steady and positive. She doesn’t want to go to all the gardens and to be pushed around in a wheelchair, she doesn’t want to go up to Kew to see W & A, she doesn’t want to see Elizabeth’s mother for lunch on Sunday. She can’t bear the pressure of having to talk to people, to adjust to new places, to be interested in other people. It’s too much for her. She’s going for me. To give me a few days off having her around. But now we’re used to each other again and it’s not so bad. I should insist she stays, but Beloved would like a break. So she will go.

I had a good walk with S this afternoon, my new friend, Tiggy Winkle’s daughter. She’s very chatty and easy to be with. I like the way she touches my arm when she talks, bringing me towards her. Yes, I like her very much.

Also went to the gym with Owl this morning.

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