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Day 651

Sunny and Apple

What matters? My family. But I’m just holding on by my finger tips to Sunny and Apple. Sunny got back from Italy yesterday. Today he has spent in front of the X box, apart from the couple of hours he took out to go for a walk with all of us. He says there is nothing else to do. I said that I am stopping financing him from now until September. He says he doesn’t care. Time for him to get a job.

He did say that he’s in control of his life now and that I need to butt out. I will.

Yesterday it looked like he wasn’t going to wave E good bye. She said that she was a having a birthday celebration on Thursday. It was the last thing she told me. She clearly wants him to come. I asked Sunny what he wanted to do and he said, 'Yeah, maybe, if I’ve got nothing else to do.' Poor E.

And Apple? He is still telling me to f*ck off. He’s given up on History. And French he accepts he’s going to get the lowest mark possible. He’s working hardest on his science subjects. That’s his future.

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