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Day 653

A man

I met a man today. Second time. He’s in the cycling club. We watched each other the first time; didn’t say a word to each other. Today I was confident and easy with him and he with me. It was nice. We chatted quite a bit.

He’s a manly man. 64. Same age as Beloved. But he’s fit. He cycles 100 miles a week and plays tennis and goes to the gym on top of that. He has a 56 year old girl friend who was a marathon runner. All sounds a bit too sporty for me if I’m honest. Exhausting. But impressive.

He told me he was a senior civil servant in Whitehall working in the treasury. He’d vote for Brexit first, Remain second and Theresa May’s deal third. He started life as a doctor in bio-chemistry and got into the workings of the government that way. They needed a specialist in that area to advise them.

He has the air of success and authority. He was speaking to a guy about his telephone and said, ‘I’m sorry I’m in a meeting so I’ll have to call you back this afternoon.’ That made me laugh inside. Why not 'I'm out?'

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  • Otter Otter
    6 months ago

    My dad used to do that a lot when I was younger. He's a salesman, so he'd get calls all the time in the evenings and weekends. "I'm with family" or "I'm out" sounds like "Yeah, I'm free to talk" to most clients and coworkers, and it's harder to get out of the conversation. Whenever my coworkers are at lunch or out for the day, I always tell callers that "they're in a meeting" so they don't try to call their cellphones and bother them during their personal time. :)

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