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Day 520

Nearly a wasted day...

I had a bout of insomnia last night that woke me up at 2 am with a craving for potato chips. WTF? I finally got to sleep, but woke remembering that I had to go to a professional development workshop that day. I like going to these when the topic looks like it's a little out of my lane, and this one had a very good blurb.

But I was in a shit mood from the insomnia, and I got there an hour early. I was a bit pissed off, but since they had some nice breakfast sandwiches and hot coffee, I sat at a table and worked on a project that for a while. Not too bad!

But that's when the shitshow started: the workshop was an example of what happens when you let someone who doesn't know much (but has lots of degrees while not keeping up with the times) have a microphone for a few hours, along with a crappo Powerpoint.

I remember sitting through a crap workshop about 15 years ago and thinking, "you know, it doesn't take much to do a better job than this." So I did.

Maybe it's time to jump back in.

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