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Day 522

It's the end of beautiful women for me....

I have an eye for attractive women, and they're usually pretty strong and full of personality. I like them, and, in the past, they've liked me.

But I'm getting on in years, and despite the fact that I'm in the top 10% of men my age in terms of finances, education and maybe even looks (I keep myself in shape, and groom myself appropriately without going all metrosexual....), I've found it hard to find those gorgeous women whom I enjoy dating....

But maybe I'm wrong. BusyGirl and I split up in the middle of March, so it's barely been two months, but I have to say, of the dates I've been on (and there have been many), I've only really felt attracted to a few. There are fewer and fewer attractive women to date as I get older.

This is a typical week: went out with three women (one I've known for a while, two new ones) and I can honestly say that I felt no attraction to them. Oh, they were lovely people, and I enjoyed their company, but I felt no physical attraction to them. Zip!

That's not to say I'm losing my mojo, but I don't know, maybe I'm picky....

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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    11 months ago

    Maybe you should consider the impact the numbers are having. You seem to go on an awful lot of dates. Cull the herd a little more before you venture out an maybe you won’t be disappointed so much.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    11 months ago

    That's not the way I roll, MIranda, because you never know! None of the dates were actual disappointments: they were all fine people and we had a nice time together. But I felt no sparks that would lead to a long term relationship....

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  • miranda_b miranda_b
    11 months ago

    Ahhhh.... the problematic spark.

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