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Day 662

All My Sons

We went to see Arthur Miller’s All My Sons. Arthur Miller is America’s best playwright. I love the intensity, humanity, compassion of his perspective as a writer. He shows us the raw truth and challenges us to know ourselves in our darkest moments: what would we have done? Would we take the easy route for personal gain, even if it cost lives which would probably be lost anyway, or would we have the strength to take the upright moral route and bring our family crashing down? It’s a question we all too easily answer, saying we’d be the good guy. But unless challenged you really don’t know. That’s Joe’s dilemma.

One of the themes that runs through Miller’s plays: holding those we love up as ideals, not seeing them clearly, or ourselves. When they or we prove less than we had hoped then all is lost. Chris’s dilemma.

And the practical ones, the ones who stand on the edge, benefit and get hurt in equal measure but pretend not to see or be seen. Kate’s problem.

So each member of that family journey’s towards the truth that only they don’t dare to look at.

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