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Day 68

Floods and Fleas

It's been a few weeks since I've posted. Our townhouse was flooded a second time the same week as the first occurrence. It wasn't much water, only an inch, but it soaked the entire livingroom. Thankfully we have linoleum. Honeybun and I mopped it all up with no help from Uncle. We ended up throwing away Honeybun's large area rug, since it'd been through flood waters several times before and cleaning it is near impossible.

Our apartment complex did nothing except bring in a large fan to "dry things up." I pray the water was minimal enough that we don't have to worry about mold growing in our walls... At least we'll be out of here in October. I can't wait.

The place is INFESTED with fleas now because Uncle will only treat his dog with cheap, ineffective shit from Walmart. Every time myself, Honeybun, Honeybun's Mother (Uncle's sister), or our friends even /mention/ it, he flies into tears and rage. He's offended so easily and often, so it's difficult to talk to him. My feet and ankles are covered in infected flea bites. They are swollen, red, and in intense pain, but he refuses to take any responsibility at all...

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