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Day 670

Care for the elderly

Went out with my cycle club. Lovely ride. Easy companionship, fabulous countryside, cool/warm weather. Went to a fish farm. There I saw a group of elderly people being taken out on a trip from a residential care home. They were placed in a sheltered area without any view apart from the van that they came in. Near by tables looked onto the lake and animals. They missed it all, just looking at each other’s pasty faces, slumped bodies, vacant eyes. When I see that I know absolutely I am right to have Ma at home.

I took Ma to the farm in the afternoon, along with Peachy and Owl. We wandered along the edge of the lake, stopping for coffee and a sandwich. Ma was happy enough and she managed to walk all the way, although she would have preferred to sit in the wheelchair she pushed. I won’t let her be like one of those I saw in the morning.

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