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Day 532

Cleaning up New York City? Fuggetaboutit!

I take daily walks during the better weather after I eat lunch at school each day. I'm two blocks from Central Park, so stopping in for a circuit around the Pinetum or up to Summit Rock is always a pleasure.

While returning to school, I saw a group of about 5 people in matching t-shirts doing something very odd: they were picking up tiny pieces of litter and putting it in a white trash bag. I mean, t-i-n-y pieces of litter.

I stopped in front of the building and they looked up and smiled. "Hello, sir! How are you today?" a middle aged woman asked.

"Excuse me, I resent being called 'Sir'," I said with a smile. They looked at me quizzically, and I went on, "how do you know I'm a sir? Maybe I'm a ma'am? Maybe I'm neither a sir or madam?"

They halted their (tiny) labors for a moment and the woman said, "oh, yeah, we have to think about this up here. We're from Atlanta, Georgia...."

Bleeeech. A church group from Georgia.... where they just outlawed abortion, forcing women to carry children even in cases of rape, incest and harm to the mother.

I should have put them in a garbage bag.

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