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Day 533

Yes, it's cancer. No, I won't fight it....

Doc sits me down this morning; "You have three tumors from the samples we took...." "How many samples did you take?" "12..." "So, one fourth of them are cancerous?" "Yes. But before we can treat it, we have to see if it's localized or if it's spread. You'll need a bone scan and CAT scan." "Okay....."

I leave the office with all the phone numbers I have to call for appointments. So, my mother, my sisters, now my turn. But I'm not going to fight this. Because this is not about "fighting." I have no beef with cancer; it's a disease, and, in my case, it's pretty treatable and the doc says it's very, very likely it hasn't spread (but they have to be sure.)

Our language about cancer, and disease in general, is idiotic. It's not like I'm going to take cancer and go out in the yard and beat it up. What I am going to do is get the further tests, do the treatment my doctor's recommend, and if all goes well, I'll be fine.

I'm not "battling cancer," and if I get better, I won't be a "survivor." I'll be someone who had an illness and was cured.

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