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Day 534

Oddly enough, that was a pretty good day...

So I was diagnosed with cancer on Friday. I don't know how bad it actually is, and the doctor (and my own time on WebMD) says it's very treatable. So it wasn't the worst day of my life, because I've had much, much worse, and also because, other than that, it was a really good day.

My son came over and we worked on the back yard together, disassembling an old wood deck and using the wood to build a solid wall. I made us a nice lunch, and appreciated his hard work that I gave him a raise.

I took a quick nap, and then went to see a kid I worked with, and we had a really fun session together, and the mom gave me a nice fat check. I went up to a social event at my school, and I had a really warm conversation with the trans-woman who had sent me hate mail last November. I also got to eat a couple of hot dogs!

I then went out with YoungFriend for a beer and saw a dance performance.

I've told no one about the cancer yet. Why yuck our yums?

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