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Day 675

The boys

Last night Sunny asked for a lift to his friend’s house only 5 minutes away. I said no. He asked Beloved. He said no. He asked Beloved why not. ‘Because I’m a ‘fat lump of shit.’’ ‘I’m sorry I called you that.’ He then asked Owl. Owl took him.

This afternoon it was the same request in reverse. His friend brought him back. It was raining. I told Sunny that he must learn to drive himself. He said he hasn’t got time. I guess he’s too busy waiting for a job to turn up. Sunny is a ball of anger. At supper he shouted at Peachy.

Tonight, Sunny heard that two of the boys in his year were killed in a car crash yesterday. It made me think, what if Sunny were killed in a car crash and we’re getting on so badly? Even so, I’m still not going to help him be a total slob.

Because Sunny is being really horrible at the moment, Apple is being relatively nice. And Apple is very happy his exams are about to end and soon he will be with his friends in Devon. I hope E’s Dad looks out for them.

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