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Day 676


Dad’s 86th birthday today. A particularly hard day for Ma. Yet she looked lovely; her hair was just right and she smiled more than usual. If Dad saw her I know he’d take her in his arms and kiss her. I know she’d cry and never stop. I know he’d be extremely glad she was living here.

D, my cousin, came for lunch which was good. Helped to distract Ma. He was always a favourite of theirs. As soon as he got in the car he was talking about his siblings. He wanted to know how to get back in contact with them. He feels shunned by them. They have invited his ex wife to all the family events and he won’t go if she’s there. We had a long chat. He then called G (who I stayed with 25May), his brother. G called me once D had left. He said he had been glad D called but he didn’t believe him. He said it was for show.

Book club in the evening. I was mildly rude to P. I am often mildly rude to P and I shouldn’t be as I like her. It’s because she snubs me.

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