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Day 677

A friend

Oh. A has just told me that she is ahead with her wedding preparations so there’s no need for me to come and help her, but thanks so much for the offer. The unspoken message is: I’m really sorry but you can’t help me. You’re a liability and I don’t want to have to manage you. I need someone who thinks as I do and gets on with the jobs that need to be done. I know you would be worse than no help. Ouch. I got it. I’m not surprised. I said to Peachy at the weekend that I wouldn’t be surprised if she cancelled me.

I felt that she didn’t want me at her hen party last month. I irritated her. I don’t blame her. I understand and agree with her. A is a perfectionist. She is precise, extremely capable and very certain about knowing what she wants done where and when. I’m the opposite. Our friendship is drifting apart. It makes me feel sad; or maybe I just feel humiliated.

It’s strange the way I'm not able to make long lasting friendships. I am very aware of this lack of mine.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    4 months ago

    I only have 3 lifelong friends whom I see monthly we arrange to go out eat and drink 2 together and 1 on her own, I like it this way we will be there for each other in our rocking chairs, 1 has already lost her husband... I would not like too many friends TBH along with my husband's family commitments and my children I have enough ... I also enjoy being alone sometimes..... many friendship s can be superficial....

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