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Day 69

Company Vacation - Spoiled Rotten for 3 Days

We finally went on our company vacation last week to Pelican Hill Resort.

Holy. Shit. It was too much luxury. I had my own bungalow that was entirely too big, and I wont lie: I moped that I couldn't bring Honeybun with me. Oh, the things we could have done in that enormous bed in front of the blazing fireplace...

I was treated like a princess for 3 days: A Segway tour (Those things are FUN!) around the Balboa Peninsula, a spa day complete with an 80-minute massage by a muscular german woman, way too much food, and even more wine tasting events. The service was incredible - I didn't think that level of pampering was even possible. Every need I even vaguely had was seen too before I could think about it - no matter how small.

Even got to dip in the world's largest circular swimming pool - guarded from pigeons by a falcon named Floyd

I'm glad I got to connect with all of my coworkers. We really had a chance to bond, and I learned so much about them all (Wine helped. lmao).

Still, I called Honeybun every evening and wished he was with me. I'm glad to be home again.

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