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Day 536

Last day of school - Year 35....

Today I completed my 35th year of teaching. I'm always a little sad when school is over, because I like the vibrancy of children and the regularity of a schedule.

When I began teaching in 1984, I was told by a teacher that "kids are much different today than when we were growing up..." Of course, she was about 30 years older than me, so I wasn't surprised. But here it is, 35 years later and because I'm a contrarian by nature, but also because it's true, kids are not different today. And every time somebody tries to tell me otherwise, I roll my eyes and suppress a mocking comment.

The kids haven't changed: we have. We got older, and as we moved further and further away from our childhoods, the more the whole thing became less familiar.

But innocence and curiosity do not change, nor is the desire to make sport of your elders or push yourself to be older than you are. My first students are now about to turn 50, and they aren't a lot different from me (about to turn 60.)

"The thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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