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Day 687

Bad news; and the importance of listening.

Bad news: Owl got a D in the one exam he had to take last year. He spent a whole semester working for it. It does not bode well. He says it’s too difficult for him. Will he get a degree, despite all the hard work and long hours? Life is unfair. I wonder what Sunny will get. An easy two two is my guess.

Today I had a moment of realisation: all my single friends junk me once they get married. It’s happened three times now. Tiggy Winkle is single, but not likely to get married. I don’t have any married friends. They don’t have the time and their energy is taken up by their spouses and family. They don’t need friends. Whereas the singles need someone to confide in, they need someone to listen to them. I’m good at that. But once they’re married they bin me. I get it because I didn’t rate them any more than they did me, but they put in the effort because they needed me. And now they don't. Fair enough.

Ma's psychotherapist made her happy, simply by listening to her. Made her feel valued. We have been failing her.

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