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Day 550

"You're one of the most normal patients we have!"

.... said the assistant at Ol'scool urologist's office. Maybe it's because I show up for my appointments, pay my bills, follow their directions, and ask somewhat intelligent questions and then go on my way?

Meanwhile, FrenchGirls and I trade texts: she's married to a much older man who doesn't give her any attention in the sack, which does not make sense, because she is hot x 100. We've had "rendesvouz" in the past, and each time we ended up spending a good amount of time slip sliding over one another's body. She said she'll "think about" coming over to "visit" with me sometime this summer, which I'm sure we could both enjoy....

Meanwhile, the "Chica" from the last night did a little texting today. She's so damned cute and her English is so terrible! She's been in the US for four years, and you would think she would have it down pretty well, but she works for a family that also speaks Spanish, so maybe she doesn't get a lot of practice?

We're going out Saturday night, and I'm looking forward to slipping my hands under her blouse again and feeling that nice smooth skin under my fingers. And kissing....

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