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Day 688

My brothers

Big beef with James yesterday. I made a mistake over agreed dates when he would be looking after Ma. He was angry, understandably. He will have a house full of friends from America arriving while she is still there. All the rooms in their house will be full up. I said sorry. He's always busy, always socialising. Never any real time for Ma, a day here, an evening there, but never time to have her visit. I had actually thought he’d be kind and have her for a few days after I got back from holiday, just so that I could have a few days without without her at home. Not a chance. Difficult enough for TeddyandJames to cover the two and a half weeks requested in the 12 month calendar. It makes me furious.My brothers would put her in a care home. James and Buddy say I should extend her bedroom cottage and get her to spend her time alone in there, simply get her out the way. It makes my blood boil. The lack of care for their own mother takes my breath away. And their lack of consideration for me and my family too in all this.

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