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Day 689

The birthday present

An irritation: I bought Circe a bottle of champagne. James came to see us on Wednesday so I thought I’d better get her a present while he was here as we wouldn’t be seeing him again before her birthday. I did this for Ma. I want Ma to be in Circe’s good books for when she goes to stay with them. But, of course, James had already made sure Ma bought Circe a present. He was with her all day. Ma bought her a rose. I wouldn’t have bought her the champagne if I’d known. She doesn’t deserve it.

Anyway, I went for a good walk today. It was a smaller walking group this month and my second time with them so I was more comfortable and calmer. I circulated and had a good chat with everyone, getting their life stories. The saddest one belonged to JW: an elderly widow in her late 70s. She’s thin, fit, nervous and talks too much. She has lived here since 1974 but doesn’t know anyone. Her husband was odd. They kept to themselves. He died 15 months ago which is forcing her to branch out and meet others. She is estranged from herdaughter.

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