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Day 690


I asked Apple to mow the lawn. He wouldn’t. I mowed for an hour and Owl for 45 minutes. We all went to out for the evening and had a nice time by the sea. Apple asked if I could buy him a packed lunch for tomorrow. I told him that he must tidy his room and write his thank you letter if he wanted me to take him to the shop. Otherwise he could make his own pack lunch. Twice he wrote a card, not as I had asked, twice the cards were not good enough for someone who had taken him on holiday for a week and given him a great time. I didn’t take him to the shop. He’s now creating havoc in the kitchen. Thank goodness Owl is here. He’s keeping an eye on him and making sure he doesn’t rip the place up. He did rip up the cover of my cooking book, he did open a packet of chocolate and break it all up in the sink, he did leave all the cupboards open and the fridge doors…. But thanks to Owl that was it. Tomorrow Apple goes off on his CCF week. Phew!

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