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Day 257

I got the job!

So I've been looking at what is going to make me actually happy, job wise.

I don't want to work in front of a computer for the rest of my life, sitting behind a desk. I have looked at all options to do with children, art, photography and animals and my options are so very limited.

I got a call back from Pets at Home, and yes I realise it's a step down from a £22,000 a year Training Coordinator I was just doing, but this job comes with something the other couldn't offer-fulfillmemt.

I love working with people, I love working with animals and I love being on my feet and actually doing something-this place has it all!

I went there for a half an hour interview and ended up being there 4 hours. They even got me on the shop floor and got me cleaning fish tanks-I think they expected me to be grossed out cleaning algae, but I threw my bracelets off and got elbow deep into fish tanks! All the fishies were nibbling my fingers, I loved it.

I didn't even manage to walk home by the time I got a phone call being offered the job. I'm freaking stoked.

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