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Day 259


My arm is feeling better today. I'm still not able to do any working out or yoga on it.

I really feel like going somewhere and feeding some ducks, but I'm also terribly shakey and tired. I'm crocheting on the couch and taking it easy with some strawberries... And cuddles from Chippy.

I'm looking so forward to starting my new job at pets at home next Wednesday. The shop I'm working at is a lot bigger than the Horsham one, and it has a vets and a groom room - lots to learn and work with, I'm super excited.

Luke made a suggestion, since the pets at home is literally 20 minutes walk from his place... That I should move in with him. Is it too soon? We've only been together for a couple of months.

On the other hand, he's helped me adjust to my anti-depressants, hehe understands me and accepts me in a way I haven't quite felt before. I feel really safe here. Chip loves him, he loves Chip, smelly breath, squeaky toys and all.

Hey, he even wants to go travelling with me. He wants to see Africa and Grenada. Maybe this is normal progress in a real, adult relationship.


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