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Day 77

Therapy For Honeybun

Honeybun has worked weekends for the last couple of months - 12-8PM. The only days off he's had off are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our schedules are so opposite right now that the only times we see each other are an hour before we go to bed during the week, and until noon on the weekends. It's taken a toll on Honeybun.

Saturday he left work 3 hours early without explanation, bought a 20 ounce bottle of vodka, and downed it in our parking lot. I didn't know he was home, so I was surprised when I took the trash out and found him extremely drunk. He was rambling that he wanted to kill himself, that he was toxic to me, that I'd be better off with someone else - who didn't have a potential DWI or a 50% chance of having Huntington's disease that could be passed down to our children and take his life.

I called his brother over, and I spent the night at a friends while they talked. I was close to breaking up with him the next morning. We worked it out, and he's decided it's time for a therapist. Maybe this will help his self-esteem.

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