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Day 555

It's either feast or famine....

I had a date with the Mexican woman whom I met at a concert a few weeks back. We had a nice time: I showed her my photos from my trip to CDMX, and we heard some music, drank some beer and chatted a bit. And I played with her hair, held her and we smooched a bit when I dropped her off.

I still have no idea how old she is, but my latest suspicion is that she's about my daughter's age, give or take a few years. So maybe she's 28 or 30? Which makes me about 30 years older than her.... which is funny, because I don't feel old about her, and she isn't like those basic young people I see around. She dresses neatly, doesn't check Facebook or Instagram constantly. We talk a lot, enjoy our time together, walk places..... maybe I shouldn't be hung up on her age.

Then there's NewOldGF, who I'm seeing tomorrow night.... I'll probably be getting naked with her, which means I'm going to have to explain why there are 4 "target" marks on my abdomen.

And then there's another woman I met online a few weeks back before any of this happened.....

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