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Day 557

Today's the Day! Getting that Stone "Lasered."

So some of my friends and I had a little "good bye" gathering for the kidney stone that's been lodged in my left side for all these years. We drank a citrusy sav blanc, ate my version of Mexican street food, shared some stories and laughed.

It's a relatively minor procedure, but it's going to be weird to be intentionally put to sleep so that the doctor can thread this thin tube through my body, locate the stone and zap it to smithereens.....

I'm taking it all in stride; the last operation I had was on my right eye to correct a muscle imbalance, and even then, I was wide awake when it was going on (in fact, I was watching them do it with my "good" left eye while they did the work.)

But this going under anesthesia, and intentionally losing consciousness....well, it's going to be weird. Will I dream during that time? What will I dream? What will I feel like when I wake up (they're going to put a stent in my ureter to help it heal...) it's all very weird and I just don't have much of an idea of what it may be like.

Onward I go....

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