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Day 559

Opening myself to comforting, Overcoming resistance

I have never been comfortable sharing too much of my life on "social media." Oh, I do post questions, articles of social relevance, and jokes, and the occasional brag about me and my family, but it's always in a backhanded way....

So the fact that I will be treated for prostate cancer in the fall. In fact, only four people know about my cancer treatment: my two supervisors at work, my therapist and my "girlfriend" (who is annoying the shit out of me with her constant texts and unsolicited advice.)

I've also kept my very painful recovery from kidney stone surgery as private as I can. But I'm getting better at sharing.

It took a bit of a leap to have my son & daughter pick me up at the hospital, a friend brought me fruit, and I even had my son & his girlfriend install an a/c in my bedroom without my watching over them.

I woke to great pain this morning; took a pill, lay down, now I'm feeling better. I'm not going to broadcast my issues to others; it's all between us here, okay?

In the meantime, I'm just letting it all out slowly and with a little privacy. Hate questions.

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