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Day 561

Is it masturbation if you can't ejaculate?

Welcome back to the dirtiest, most explicit member of the Pencourage community. Why do I write this stuff? Well, I'm still stuck housebound, now because of the intense heat in NYC, and I'm still recovering from the first surgery. Recovery is best taken at a moderate pace and I try not to push myself too far, in fear of suffering a relapse.

So I'm kind of bored, because there's not a lot I can do in this weakened state and this intense heat. Oh, yesterday I managed to do laundry, clean the kitchen, read, sit in a cafe with a friend and even play guitar, but it all takes a lot of effort.....

and then there's sex. I still love looking at women and thinking about them, and as I sat in the cafe, I kept split my eyes between the waitress with huge breasts, and the cute brunette with the honey skin, flowery dress and glasses nearby.

With my testosterone running at zero capacity, it's hard to get me hard these days, but porn is a reliable stoker of my libido. I can keep it hard for a long time, but the payoff is nil: I can "come" but not "cum."

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